Monday, May 6, 2013

GitMinutes #07: Martin Geisler on Mercurial

In this episode, we talk to Martin Geisler, a long time contributor to the Mercurial project.

Link to mp3

Martin is a software developer since 15 years, focusing mainly on Python. I met him at a conference some years back where I talked about Git-SVN, and he talked about Mercurial, and we got to have some really interesting discussions on Git vs Mercurial, some of which we were able to recreate for recording this episode.

Links and resources from the show:

Some other useful things we didn't talk about:

Finally, new users might find a minimal ~/.hgrc file with my favorite extensions useful:

username = Your Name <>

# Color output and show progress bars in your terminal
color =
progress =

# Pipe output into a pager
pager =

# Enable 'hg rebase' and 'hg pull --rebase'
rebase =

# Enable 'hg histedit', like 'git rebase -i'
histedit =

# Enable 'hg record', like 'git add -i; git commit'
record =

# Set $PAGER or specify the pager to use here: 
pager = less -FRX

Listen to the episode on YouTube

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