Monday, June 3, 2013

GitMinutes #11: Git Merge 2013 Part 3

This is the third set of interviews from the Git Merge 2013 conference in Berlin.

Link to mp3

Bird eye of the coffee corner. Photo CC-BY Thomas Rast

Alfonso Alba GarcĂ­a (twitter)
The Spanish Git community, AprendeGit.

Andrey Devyatkin (google+, twitter)
About large Git migrations at Ericsson

Jens Lehmann (github)
About git submodules,  enhancements.
Update: Jens and Heiko's lightning talk at Git Merge

Christian Halstrick (google+), SAP
About JGit. Eclipse’s Gerrit instance.
Scaling Up JGit (Shawn Pearce's presentation from EclipseCon 2013)

Listen to the episode on YouTube

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