Monday, May 19, 2014

GitMinutes #29: James Moger on GitBlit

In this episode, we talk to James Moger, the author of GitBlit, an open-source Java-powered Git repository manager.

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This episode of GitMinutes is sponsored by DigitalOcean. Sign up using the promo-code GITMINUTES10 to receive 10$ worth of credit. Want to see how you can run GitBlit on your own DigitalOcean droplet? There's a screencast for that:

See how to set up GitBlit on DigitalOcean

Things we mentioned:
James' pro-tips:
Some things we didn't talk about, but I'd like to mention:

Extra pro-tip:  "git fetch -p".  It stands for prune. Will remove tracking refs from your clone that no longer exist in the remote but it will NOT remove any of your local branches.  It's a useful shortcut for cleaning up your clone so you can GC to reclaim space.

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