Monday, April 6, 2015

GitMinutes #34: Tim Caswell on js-git

In this episode we talk to Tim Caswell. He is the creator of js-git, alongside a lot of other really interesting projects.

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More background material about Tim:

Episode outline:
00:00:00 Intro 
00:02:09 Bio, welcome 
00:02:26 Tell us about your background 
00:03:39 How come you drifted from Node to Lua recently? 
00:05:46 What is the use-case for Lua? 
00:07:15 What does Luvit add to Lua? 
00:08:39 Jumping back to Git, what is your personal VCS experience? 
00:13:03 Can you tell me more about the CORS headers issue at the Git hosting services? 
00:15:21 What was the plan for js-git after that? 
00:17:16 What was the goal of Tedit? 
00:19:07 Where do you store the contents in the browser itself? 
00:23:20 What is the current state of tedit/js-git? 
00:25:55 In summary, what came out of js-git in the end? 
00:26:33 What features does Tedit have? 
00:27:31 Is js-git too heavy-weight to be embedded in a Git hosting tool? 
00:29:04 Why aren't more companies jumping over js-git to make use of it as a Git-starter tool? 
00:30:31 Then let's talk about how companies could use js-git or any of these components 
00:36:53 Why can you store blobs without commits on GitHub? 
00:40:26 Isn't Git in the browser sort of inevitable? 
00:41:56 What do people do these days to develop on Chromebooks/browsers? 
00:43:23 Other than service-workers, what would you need in order to fulfill the vision of js-git? 
00:44:40 Can't you get access to the file-system in HTML5? 
00:46:33 What should have been the master plan to complete js-git/tedit? 
00:50:41 What would you want to happen to js-git while you're busy elsewhere? 
00:52:28 Some js-git vs libgit2 talk 
00:59:54 Is Google Dev Kit a replacement for Tedit? 
01:01:02 Clear up different kinds of Chrome-based apps 
01:04:31 What is the future of js-git? 
01:06:15 Any questions I forgot to ask you? 
01:06:43 Anything you would like to promote? 
01:08:55 Where can people find you online? 
01:09:14 What is your favorite Git Pro Tip? 
01:10:17 Thank you for coming onto the show!

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