Monday, October 2, 2017

GitMinutes #43: Johannes Schindelin on Contributing to Git

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In this episode we talk to Git contributor and maintainer of Git for Windows, Johannes Schindelin. He has a lot of thoughts and ideas on development, community and code reviews, especially in open source and especially in the development of Git itself.

We talk to Johannes about the difficulties of contributing to Git itself, and tools that could make the experience more user friendly, like for example public-inbox, which is both a mailing list archive and a Git repository.

00:00:00 Intro 
00:00:46 Hello Johannes 
00:01:01 What was the most interesting discussion at the dev summit? 
00:02:44 How does the mailing list for Git really work 
00:03:34 What is Public Inbox? 
00:08:14 How can patches be aligned with public inbox topics? 
00:14:34 Let's talk about the What's Cooking email 
00:20:22 What about tracking patch series that get rewritten? 
00:22:05 Gerrit solves this with a change-id, can we do that for the Git mailing list? 
00:23:43 What would happen if we allowed HTML mails onto the mailing list? 
00:26:54 Should the review take place locally or online? 
00:28:09 If we had this standard format for doing reviews, how could we use it otherwise? 
00:29:22 How can we make this happen? 
00:30:43 Anything else you want to share from the conference? 
00:33:03 Outro

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