Monday, June 10, 2013

GitMinutes #12: Git Merge 2013 Part 4

This is the fourth and final set of interviews from Git Merge 2013 in Berlin.

Link to mp3

Saturday's Drinkup, photo is CC-BY Thomas Rast

Big thanks to Viaboxx GmbH paying for my trip to Git Merge!

Michael Haggerty (github, homepage)
About the git imerge project
Michael's lightning talk at Git Merge

Christian Couder (homepage/presentations)
Enjoy fighting regressions with git bisect (articleslides)
Fully automated bisecting with "git bisect run"
Christian's lightning talk at Git Merge

Michael Diers 
Elego, doing consulting on Git & processes

Valentin Haenel (github)
German Git book
Git Meetup Berlin

Carlos Martín Nieto (github)

Nico von Geyso (github)
Dulwich (pure Python Git implementation)

Listen to the episode on YouTube

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