Monday, March 16, 2015

GitMinutes #33: Thom Parkin on Mastering Git

In this episode we talk to Thom Parkin about his new video course on mastering Git, and other things interesting for those who want to improve their Git skills.

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Get Thom's "Mastering Git" Video Tutorial for 50% off, on the Packt Publishing website if you use the Discount Code GITMASTER2015.  This offer will only last a limited time.
* Note that there is a different video course published in 2011 with the same title: McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git.

How to find lost stashes
During a discussion of git-lost-found (now deprecated in favor of git fsck --lost-found), we asked how to find dropped stashes. git fsck --lost-found will indeed show these as well, although you have to inspect them yourself to identify which came from stash.

Episode outline
00:00:00 Intro 
00:02:25 Bio/welcome 
00:02:56 Tell us about your background 
00:04:14 What is your experience with VCS? 
00:05:47 You have a video course out about Git. Tell us about it! 
00:06:28 What is SitePoint? 
00:12:32 A video course on/by Packt? 
00:13:09 Tell us more about the structure of your video course. 
00:15:39 You had your son do the graphical artistry? 
00:16:16 Always interesting to see how Git is visualized 
00:18:11 Let's talk about 
00:30:09 Tangent: Installing GIt on different OSes 
00:32:10 Any other things from your video course you would like to discuss? 
00:33:20 How do I find lost commits? 
00:35:45 Don't stashes appear in the reflog? 
00:40:11 What are the other "Gititudes"? 
00:45:37 Crafting history, commit messages, squashing vs merging? 
01:00:29 How much Git teaching is still left to do in the world? 
01:04:13 Where can people find you online? 
01:04:58 What is your favorite Git pro tip? 
01:05:43 Thank you for coming onto the show! 
01:05:50 Outro 
01:06:36 Bonus: Head in the closet?

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