Monday, July 8, 2013

GitMinutes #15: Ryan Hodson on Learning Git

In this episode we talk to Ryan Hodson, the man behind Ry's Git Tutorial.

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Installing Git manual web pages

If you want to see the help for git-status, you can do either of these:
git status --help 
git help status 
On Windows/Msysgit, the default is to always open the web page. If you are on Mac or Linux, you can append -w to the above commands.

If you always want to see the web pages (so you can leave out -w), you can do:
git config --global help.format web
On my Mac, Lynx was the default browser for some reason, so I had to configure it to use the OSX `open` command (for html files) instead:
git config --global web.browser open
On my Ubuntu machine, I had to configure it like this to use Google Chrome (Firefox was default):
git config --global web.browser google-chrome
I also had to clone the docs into this location (not the one according to the GitHub help pages above):
See git-web--browse docs for more info.

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