Sunday, July 28, 2013

GitMinutes #18: Tair and Tero from Deveo

In this episode we talk to Tair Assimov and Tero Parviainen from Deveo.

Deveo is a new breed of software development and collaboration platform to host and manage your source code. Instead of giving all possible SCM features, Deveo's goal is to enable 3rd party developers extend the platform with consistent applications.

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Tero adds: "When you sign up for Deveo, there is one hidden App I mentioned, “mdoc”:  When you have a Git repository in Deveo, with Mdoc you can create Markdown formatted files and the Deveo Web Client will render the contents and outline. Be aware, this is an experimental app built in couple of days to get to know Deveo when I joined the team."

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